Rhino Armor 9H Ceramic Coating

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Rhino Armor 9H Ceramic Coating is a liquid that hardens into a protective coating for your vehicle. 

Rhino Armor adds additional protection to your car's surface and paint and keeps everything looking new with minimal maintenance.

Our product is a long lasting Nano 9H protective coating that results in a high mirror gloss finish, strong anti-scratch & abrasion resistance, oxidation and corrosion resistance, UV & weather resistance.

Rhino Armor is 100% clear and transparent in the container and after curing it will become a strong, glass-like film that will provide a layer of protection for your vehicle.

These are professional grade materials, and the application can be semi-permanent. We strongly recommend that this be used by somebody with experience applying ceramic coating. 

If you live in Southern California, we can professionally prepare and apply Rhino Armor to your vehicle. 


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