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Rhino Wheel Cleaner is a pH balanced wheel cleaner that is safe for all wheels and all finishes.  The Wheel Cleaner is specifically designed to attack and break down brake dust, making it easier to clean dirty wheels and keep wheels clean! 
Watch the color active formula changes color from neon-green to dark-violet.  Other manufactures with similar cleaning technology tend to have a foul odor, while Rhino Wheel Cleaner has a pleasant smell.

  1. Non-Acidic Formula: It's safe on all wheels and all finishes, no harsh chemicals that will burn or discolor paint, powdercoating, and clear coats.
  2. Color Active: Let's you see the the wheel cleaner in action, goes from a neon-green to dark-violet.  The longer it sits, the deeper the color and easier to clean.  
  3. Manufactured and Packaged in USA: This wheel cleaner has been tested time and time again, being used everyday at our award winning, yelp loving, professional detail shop in Huntington Beach, CA.  

Safe on most surfaces. May cause stains on repaired wheels and spray painted wheels - Test on a small spot.