Meguiar's Paint Reconditioning Cream 1 Gal


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Meguirar's Paint Reconditioning Cream uses cutting edge Uni- grit abrasive and polymers to create a one liquid solution that removes defects that will also leave a beautiful, brilliant, and a clean long lasting shine.

The cream will remove paint defects and scratches, while providing durable paint protection. This Paint Reconditioning Cream will wipe on easily and wipe off just as easily leaving you with a smooth finish.



1. SHAKE WELL. Apply to clean, cool paint surface. Work one section at a time.

2. Hand application: Apply a thin even coat of cream to the surface with a clean applicator pad (Χ3070 or R3060241).Wipe residue with Meguiar’s microfiber wipe(E101 or E100EU). For additional clarity, gloss and protection re-apply cream with the appropriate Meguiar’s pad.

3. DA polisher: Apply cream directly to Meguiar’s appropriate foam pad (DFP5). Set polisher (MT310) at medium speed. Begin working in an area 5x5cm with overlapping passes. Continue working until defects are removed and high gloss is achieved. Wipe residue with Meguiar’s microfiber wipe (E101 or E100EU).

4. Rotary polisher: Apply cream directly to surface. Set rotary buffer to appr.1400-2000 RPM’s and use Meguiar’s appropriate pad WRFP7.

5. For added protection apply your favorite Meguiar’s quality wax or sealant.