SONAX CutMax 250ml


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Highly abrasive cutting compound for polishing sanded or severely weathered paint surfaces. Enormous cutting powder. Odorless water-based formulation.


1) Sand to P1000 or finer then wipe clean.

2) Apply a small amount of polish to each area. Polish with a SONAX Polishing Sponge red for approx. 10 seconds at low rotational speed and exerting increased pressure, slightly tilting the machine.

3) Afterwards, exerting slight pressure, polish with flat pad for 20 seconds.

4) Remove polish residues withSONAX Microfiber Cloth ultrafine. Use SONAX PROFLINE Perfect Finish or SONAX PROFLINE EX 04-06 to achieve perfect, high gloss results.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not allow polishing area to overheat. Regularly clean polishing pads. Never use different polishes on one pad. Keep from freezing. Keep out of reach of children. Safety data sheet available upon request.