SONAX Premium Class Leather Cleaner


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SONAX Premium Class Leather Cleaner effectively cleans all types of smooth leather. Especially fast acting, with intensive effect and maximum material compatibility. Removes even the most stubborn dirt such as grease and staining of jeans without leaching out or attacking the leather. With foam dispersion for especially easy application and effective dosing. Suitable for all smooth leather, also for perforated leather surfaces and seats with seat heating/cooling. 



1. Vacuum away any loose dirt.

2. Spray cleaner on the leather surface and spread with a soft brush.

3.Allow cleaner to sit briefly and then massage in with the soft brush.

4.Thoroughly remove dirt and cleaner residue with a damp microfiber cloth.

5. After cleaning, apply SONAX Premium Class Leather Care Cream to protect, maintain, and seal the leather.

6. PLEASE NOTE: Do not use on Aniline leather or Suede.

7. Always clean on complete surfaces.

8. Do not soak leather, use on warm surfaces, or allow to dry on leather surfaces.

9. Protect against freezing.