SONAX Wheel Rim Shield


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Highly effective SONAX Wheel Rim Shield with self cleaning properties due to the dirt repellent finish on the treated surfaces. Reliably protects all aluminum, steel, chromed and polished wheel rims against brake dust and other stubborn dirt contamination. Provides protection for up to six weeks. Makes subsequent wheel rim cleaning much easier.



1. First Clean wheel rims with a wheel cleaner(e.g. SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect or Plus).

2. Allow the rims to dry completely.

3. Make sure to carefully remove any remaining ware from grooves or cavities (e.g. wheel bolts recesses).

4. Shake Can.

5. Generously apply product to the absolutely dry wheels- Do not wipe!.

6. Allow to dry for a least one hour.

7. During this time, do not move the vehicle or touch the treated surfaces.

TIP: Reapply product in the same manner after every car wash and wheel cleaning to renew the shine and protection.